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Missy's Chubbiez

Chubbiez Dollmaker

brought to you by BeetleCraft.net

  1. Use the dragable backdrops at the top or the stationary coloured squares in the centre of the page to make your dollz on.
  2. Press the "Print Screen" (PRNTSCR/SYSRQ, at the top next to F12) button on your keyboard to copy your doll. (You won't notice anything happen, but trust me, it works.)
  3. Open the paint program of your choice and paste your creation into it. (You can paste by pressing Ctrl+v... You will then have to crop down the picture to include only your doll.)
  4. I put a lot of hard work into my dolls, and a link back is all we ask. If you use anything from this dollmaker on your webpages please give us credit and a link. If you do not have a webpage, and use the doll you made as a signature on a forum or something, please tell all your friends where you got the doll.
    Please link to http://freebies.beetlecraft.net/

This drag and drop should work in all browsers, however it works best in Internet Explorer because it uses layers. In other browsers props may get "stuck" if you move them behind other props.

Please be patient while all images load. It may take some time, depending on your internet connection speed.

If you do not see something you would like, please make a request.
More Clothes and Props will continue to be added periodically...


Drag the backdrop of your choice out of the stack.










Other Props


Copyright Melissa Blakely and BeetleCraft.net
All rights reserved.